Saturday, April 23, 2005

Apple in the media

Since the beginning of the “computer revolution” Apple has played a major role in the formation of the computers that we use today. The Apple II was the first highly successful computer that was mass produced. The release of the Apple II may quiet possibly be the sole reason why Apple still exists today. Apple continued to make new computers only to eventually come around and make the Macintosh. Apple’s operating system went on to being the leading OS of it’s time by the late 80’s and early 90’s. While Apple continued to pave the road to success Microsoft followed. Microsoft slowly gained popularity until they eventually took the lead as the leading OS with the release of Microsoft Windows. Just like that Apple’s support was gone over night.

Apple has recently made several strives at gaining support back. This includes developing new products such as mp3 players as well as using the power of the media. Apple is known for its advertisements, when you see an Apple advertisement you remember it. This goes all the way back to Apples superbowl advertisement for the Macintosh. Apple has recently taken a different advertisement approach such as its “Think Different” ads as well as it’s testimonials of people stating why you should switch to a Mac. The idea behind the “Think Different” ad is to get the consumer to realize that they have a choice in what they chose. You can buy a Mac and be like Albert Einstein or buy a PC and be like everybody else. The idea behind the customer testimonials is to find everyday people that made the switch and are happy with it. This allows the consumer to relate to the person and consider buying the product. Apple is now also advertising their products on the big-screen as well as the television. There have recently been several movies and television shows that featured Apple products on them. This is one of Apples way of targeting their product to younger audiences. When younger people see that there favorite actors and actresses use a Mac it encourages them to go use one as well. Apple is also trying to appeal to the consumer by having a “cool factor”. Recent Apple products feature unique designs that stand out and look good. Such design methods are causing a sort of “Barbie syndrome”. Little girls can’t just buy a Barbie; they also need to buy her convertible as well as all of her friends. The same concept applies to Apple. You can’t buy an ipod and not an ibook, they must be one!

Since Apple has taken these new advertisement as well as design approaches they have seen an increase in sales. These advertisement and design approaches wont be enough however to bring Apple back to the top. Microsoft products are now being designed to be put in your living room. With advancements in media center PC's we all may very well see a computer in every living room very shortly. Consumers like the idea of being able to sit in their favorite lazy-boy chair and at the same time being able to enjoy all of their media in one device. I predict that if Apple makes advancements in putting a Mac in your living room as well as keeping up there current advertisement plans that they may be able to gain the popularity that they once had so many years ago. Apple went into the unknown and paved the road for the computers that we have today. Once the road was paved Microsoft jumped on it. It’s time for Apple to take the lead and finish what they created.
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